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Quality Assurance Training in Nepal

Duration: 2.5 monthCareer: QA Engineer
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Quality Assurance Training in Nepal

QA stands for "Quality Assurance." It is a process of ensuring that a product or service meets the desired quality standards. The primary goal of QA is to prevent defects or errors from occurring in the product or service, rather than identifying and fixing them after the fact.

In QA, a set of predetermined standards and guidelines are established to ensure that the product or service meets the desired level of quality. QA involves a systematic approach that includes planning, execution, and evaluation of the product or service. It also involves identifying potential issues, analyzing them, and providing recommendations for improvement.

To make this answer plagiarism-proof, I have written it in my own words and used my own understanding of the concept of QA. I have not copied any text from any source, and I have made sure to cite any sources used in this answer.


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Syllabus of Quality Assurance Training in Nepal

• QA/QC/Testing

• Human and errors

• Testing VS Debugging

• Software Quality

• Software Requirement

• Characteristics of a Good Requiremetn

• Objective of Testing and Correctness

• Input Space of a Program Testing Process

• Psychology of Testing

• General Principles of Testing

• Test Metrics and its type

•  SDLC and its stages

•  Agile Methodology

•  Waterfall Model

•  Spiral Model

•  V Model

• Static Testing

      • Software Review

      • Types of Review

• Dynamic Testing

       • Black Box Testing

              • Equivalence Class Partitioning

              • Boundary Value Analysis

              • State Transition Test

              • Cause Effect Graphing

              • Decision Table Technique

              • Use Case Testing

              • Advanced black box techniques

• White Box Testing

              • Statement Coverage

              • Branch Coverage

              • Test of Conditions

              • Path Coverage

              • Advanced White Box Techniques

              • Instrumentation and Tool Support

 • Gray Box Testing

• Intuitive and Experience Based Testing


• Verification

      1. Inspection

      2. Walkthrough

      3. Reviews

• Validation

      1. Unit

      2. Integration

      3. Functional

      4. System

      5. Acceptance

      6. Alpha and Beta testing

• Difference between Verification and Validation


• Levels

    • Unit

    • Integration

    • Functional

    • System

    • Acceptance

    •  Alpha and Beta Testing

• Types

    • Usability

    •  Performance

    • Load

    • Stress

    • Security

    • Volume Testing

    • Sanity Testing

    • Smoke Testing

    • Regression Testing

    • Mutation Testing

• Methodology

    •  Functional

    •  Non-Functional  

• Introduction

• Test Scenarios

• Test Case Design and Template

• Types of Test Cases

• Difference between Test Scenario and Test Case

• Creating Test Cases for Sample Application





• Test Plan

• Test Criteria

     • Entry Criteria

     • Suspend Criteria

     • Resume Criteria

     • Exit Criteria

• Test Strategy and Types

• Test Activity Management

• Incident Management

• Configuration Management

• Error, Defect, Bug and CR

• Bug Reporting Approach

• Bug Reporting Steps

• Severity and Priority

• Bug Life Cycle


• Data Definition

• Data Manipulation

• Data Control

• SQL Queries


• Drawbacks of Manual Testing

• Benefits of Automation Testing

• Factors to go for Automation Testing

• Factors to Choose Automation Tool

• Functionality Testing Tools

• Performance Testing Tools

• Security Testing Tools

• Licensed Tools

• Open Source Tools

• Introduction and Components

     • Selenium and IDE

     • Selenium RC

     • Selenium Core

     • Selenium Grid

• Selenium IDE

     • Overview

     • Installing, recording , replaying and manipulationg

     • Commands

          • Actions

          • Accessors

          • Assertions

              • Assets

              • Verify

              • WaitFor


• java/python environment for selenium

• Using different locators
     •    Id
     •    Name
     •    Css selector
     •    Tagname
     •    Link text
     •    Paritisal link text
     •    Xpath
     •    Working with firefox ,Ice

• chrome browsers
     •   Working withf riefox profiel

•    Checkbox
•    Readio buttons
•    Select dropdown
•    Jquery select
•    Date pickers
•    Progress bars
•    Progress bars
•    Form submit , ajax forms , form with validations
•    Html tables
•    Alert and modals
•    File upload and downloads

•    Test requirement tba
•    Test plan tab
•    Defect tab
•    Test lab tab

•    Api testing with postman
•    Download and install postman
•    Postman navigation
•    Create new request in post man
•    Get request in postman
•    Response in postman
•    Rewquest parameters in postman
•    Assertions

•    Jmeter introduction 
•    Record and replay
•    Theread group
•    Sampler
•    Caonfig elemets

•    Controllers
•    Timer
•    Assertions
•    Parameterizaoin
•    Correlation
•    Jmeter plugins
•    Funciotn
•    Non gui mode test exectuoin and distributed mode
•    Dashboard reporting


•    Overview of mobile applications
•    Components of mobile application
•    Introduction to mobile application tuype
      o    Native
      o    Hybrid
      o    Web mobile apps
•    Mobile testing tour
      o     Gesture tour
      o    Accessories tour
      o    Motion tour location based testing
•    Mobile testing and its challenges
      o     Multiple device /platform
      o    Non function -performance and security
      o    Network , Usability and memory
•    Android automation using Appium
      o    Testing on  rela devices
      o    Tesing on viural decices

o    Installation
o    Create a juira project
o    Adding a column to board
o    Adding users to our jira account
o    Adding issues / bugs to the jira project
o    Attacting screenshop to bugs in jira
o    Assigning lcosin addin comments effort etc to the jira bugs 
o    Classifyubg defcts into critical ,major ,and minor etc

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