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Course Overview

Are you eager to enhance your design and drafting skills? Mindrisers, the leading AutoCAD training institute in Nepal, is your ultimate destination. Our team of experienced instructors is committed to providing top-notch AutoCAD training, nurturing the next generation of design professionals.


Mindrisers offers a comprehensive AutoCAD training course, encompassing both 2D and 3D design techniques. Our goal is to equip students, whether they're students, professionals, or design enthusiasts, with fundamental skills and knowledge in AutoCAD. Join our AutoCAD training course to gain the tools necessary for excellence in the design field.


If you aspire to become proficient in AutoCAD, the industry-leading computer-aided design (CAD) software, Mindrisers is your go-to training institute. Our dedicated team and thorough curriculum ensure that you receive the best AutoCAD training in Nepal. Enroll today and take the first step toward mastering AutoCAD for a successful career in design.


Objective of AutoCAD Training Course

The central aim of our AutoCAD training course is to empower students with essential skills for effective AutoCAD usage. Throughout the training, students delve into fundamental commands and tools crucial for proficient 2D and 3D drawing, design, and drafting. As the course progresses, students become adept at navigating AutoCAD with ease, producing accurate and detailed designs. Moreover, they gain the proficiency to leverage advanced features, elevating their workflow.


Enroll in our AutoCAD training for a wide-ranging learning experience. The course not only imparts crucial AutoCAD skills but also ensures that students can seamlessly operate AutoCAD, create precise designs, and exploit advanced functionalities for an enhanced workflow. This training is designed to equip students with the proficiency needed to excel in AutoCAD-related tasks, making them adept users by the course's conclusion.


Scope of AutoCAD Training in Nepal

AutoCAD stands as an integral tool across diverse industries such as architecture, engineering, and construction. The significance of AutoCAD professionals in Nepal is immense, offering a broad scope for career advancement. Mastering AutoCAD not only opens doors to various opportunities in the design and drafting sector but also provides a competitive edge in the job market. Whether your aspirations lie in becoming an architect, engineer, or drafter, possessing AutoCAD skills is crucial for success.


Furthermore, the demand for AutoCAD drafters is prevalent in numerous institutes, companies, NGOs, and INGOs in Nepal. This makes AutoCAD proficiency a highly valuable skill, enhancing your employability and positioning you favorably in the job market. Acquiring AutoCAD training can be a strategic step towards securing a successful career in the dynamic field of design and drafting. Unlock the potential of AutoCAD for a prosperous professional journey.


Who can join AutoCAD training course?

Our versatile AutoCAD training course caters to a diverse audience, making it suitable for a wide range of individuals, including:


  • Students from various engineering disciplines
  • Professionals looking to upgrade their design skills
  • Students preparing for certification exams in AutoCAD
  • Project managers and procurement officers with no prior CAD experience


Regardless of your background, our AutoCAD training course is meticulously crafted to accommodate learners of all levels. Whether you're a novice or possess some prior experience with CAD software, our instructors are dedicated to guiding you through the learning process. Rest assured, you will gain a robust foundation in AutoCAD, ensuring that you acquire the necessary skills for success in your chosen field. Enroll in our AutoCAD training program to embark on a journey of skill enhancement and professional growth.


Why Mindrisers for AutoCAD Training in Nepal?

When it comes to AutoCAD training in Nepal, Mindrisers emerges as the premier choice, offering a unique blend of expertise, resources, and support:


Experienced Instructors: At Mindrisers, our team boasts seasoned instructors well-versed in AutoCAD and its applications. Bringing industry knowledge and expertise to the classroom, they provide students with practical insights and real-world examples, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.


Versatile Curriculum: Our AutoCAD training course spans from basic commands to advanced techniques, delivering a holistic learning experience. We equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary for excellence in the field, making our program a benchmark in AutoCAD training in Nepal.


State-of-the-Art Facilities: Mindrisers' training center is equipped with cutting-edge technology and software, providing students access to the best resources for their learning journey. The conducive environment fosters creativity and collaboration, enhancing the overall training experience.


Hands-on Learning: Emphasizing the principle of learning by doing, our AutoCAD training course prioritizes hands-on practice. Students engage in real-world exercises, applying their knowledge and skills to practical projects. This approach instills confidence and competence, preparing them to tackle design challenges effectively.


Placement Assistance: Mindrisers goes the extra mile to support students in their career endeavors. We offer placement assistance, facilitating connections with potential employers and aiding in securing job opportunities within the dynamic design industry. Choose Mindrisers for AutoCAD training in Nepal and elevate your skills with unparalleled support and resources.


Syllabus Highlights


Elevate your design skills by joining Mindrisers for top-notch AutoCAD training in Nepal. Our comprehensive course, led by experienced instructors, covers a spectrum of 2D and 3D design techniques, ensuring the acquisition of essential skills for professional success.


Embark on a step-by-step exploration of AutoCAD, commencing with an Introduction to AutoCAD that delves into the interface, Ribbon, Command Line, and toolbars. Immerse yourself in Basic Drawing Commands, emphasizing geometric shapes, offset and trim commands, and grips for seamless object selection.


Precision in drawing is a focal point, with a focus on understanding object snaps, polar tracking, dynamic input, and coordinate systems. The course navigates through Editing and Modifying Drawings using the Modify toolbar, Move, Copy, and Rotate commands, and delves into Layers, Colors, and Linetypes.


Dimensioning and Text add depth to your skills, covering the addition of dimensions, modifying styles, text placement, and multi-leader styles. Master Blocks and Attributes, Advanced Drawing Commands, and Advanced Editing Techniques, incorporating polylines, splines, hatch patterns, and the Quick Select feature.


Venture into the realm of 3D Modeling, Plotting and Publishing, and customize your AutoCAD experience with Customization and Automation. Learn Collaboration and Data Management, concluding with Project and Drawing Management.


Enroll at Mindrisers for unparalleled AutoCAD Training in Nepal, unlocking your design potential. For more information, contact us at [email protected] or call +977 9843217125, 015-321450. Shape your future in the design industry now with Mindrisers - your gateway to excellence in AutoCAD training in Nepal!


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  • Introduction to AutoCAD

    • Overview of AutoCAD interface
    • Understanding the Ribbon and Command Line
    • Working with toolbars and palettes
    • Setting up drawing units and limits

  • Basic Drawing Commands

    • Making simple geometric shapes (rectangles, circles, and lines)
    • Using the Offset and Trim commands
    • Exploring the Copy and Mirror commands
    • Introduction to grips and object selection techniques

  • Drawing Precision

    • Understanding object snaps and tracking
    • Utilizing polar and object snap tracking
    • Introduction to dynamic input
    • Using coordinate systems for precision

  • Editing and Modifying Drawings

    • Exploring the Modify toolbar
    • Understanding the Move, Copy, and Rotate commands
    • Using the Stretch and Scale commands
    • Introduction to grips editing

  • Layers, Colors, and Linetypes

    • Managing layers and layer properties
    • Applying colors to objects
    • Working with different linetypes
    • Introduction to line weights

  • Dimensioning and Text

    • Adding dimensions to drawings
    • Creating and modifying dimension styles
    • Placing and formatting text in drawings
    • Introduction to multi-leader styles

  • Blocks and Attributes

    • Creating and inserting blocks
    • Managing block libraries
    • Working with attribute definitions
    • Using the DesignCenter to access blocks

  • Advanced Drawing Commands

    • Exploring advanced drawing tools
    • Working with polylines and splines
    • Creating hatch patterns
    • Using the Array and Divide commands

  • Introduction to 3D Modeling

    • Overview of 3D workspace
    • Creating basic 3D objects
    • Editing and visualizing in 3D
    • Introduction to rendering and materials

  • Plotting and Publishing

    • Setting up layout and plotting
    • Creating and managing plot styles
    • Publishing drawings to DWF and PDF formats

  • Customization and Automation

    • Customizing the AutoCAD interface
    • Introduction to AutoLISP programming
    • Making and applying unique hatch patterns and linetypes
    • Overview of AutoCAD macros

  • Collaboration and Data Management

    • Working with external references (Xrefs)
    • Understanding DWG file compatibility
    • Overview of Autodesk 360 and cloud collaboration tools
    • Data extraction and linking to Excel

  • Project and Drawing Management

    • Best practices for file organization
    • Understanding sheet sets
    • Using the Sheet Set Manager
    • Overview of eTransmit for file sharing

  • Final Project and Review

    • Integrating skills learned in a final project
    • Review of essential commands and techniques
    • Q&A session and addressing advanced topics based on participant interests

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